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Raju Chemical Industries-Chennai

Raju Chemicals is one of the leading supplier and distributor of Industrial, Heavy, Fine Chemicals, acids and solvents. specialty and bulk chemicals, We have been in to chemical business since 1980. We are engaged in sourcing and delivering high quality products at reasonable prices; to our customers all over the world.

We at Raju Chemicals, believe in not just doing business, we rather believe in making ideal corporate partners and relations. Our innovative & consistent products are backed by matchless services. We try to benefit our clients by saving not just their chemical cost but also their other production resources including time, electricity, water and manpower.

With our extensive experience of networking and in-depth knowledge of the developments in chemical industry, we, at Raju Chemicals, are a highly acknowledged and renowned distributor and supplier of all types of specialty chemicals, bulk chemicals and basic chemicals These chemicals are sourced from leading manufacturers and suppliers all across the globe

1. Acetic Acid 30. Isopropyl alcohol
2. Acetone 31. Liquor ammonia
3. Acid Slurry (soft & hard) 32. Naphthalene balls
  (Ferric/Non ferric) 33. Nitric Acid 60%, 72% and 98%
4. Alum powder/slabs 34. Oxalic acid
5. Ammonium Biflouride 35. Ortho Phosphoric Acid
6. Aluminium Sulphate 36. Phosphoric acid
7. Basic Chromium Sulphate 37. Potassium carbonate 98%
8. Benzene 38. Soda ash (light & dense grade)
9. Bleaching powder 39. Sodium Bicarbonate
10. Boric acid 40. Sodium carbonate
11. Butanol 41 Sodium chromate
12. Carbon tetra chloride 42. Sodium formate
13. Caustic soda (Flakes & Lye) 43. Sodium hexa meta phosphate
14. Chloroform 44. Sodium hydrosulphide
15. Chromic acid 45. Sodium hydroxide
16. Citric acid 46. Sodium hypochlorite solution
17. Copper Sulphate   5-6%, 10-12%
18. Di ethanol amine 47. Sodium laral sulphide (SLS)
19. Di sodium phosphate 48. Sodium nitrate
20. Ethyl Acetate 49. Sodium nitrite
21. Ferrous Sulphate 50. Sodium silicate alkaline liquid
22. Formaldehyde 51. Sodium sulphide flakes
23. Formic acid 52. Sulphuric Acid 98%
24. Glycerin 53. Sulphuric Acid battery grade<
35. Hexamine 54. Toluene
26. Hydrated lime 55. Trichloro ethylene
27. Hydrazine hydrate 36% 56. Trisodium phosphate
28. Hydrochloric Acid 33% 57. Vanadium pentoxide
29. Hydrogen peroxide 58. Zinc oxide powder
    59. Zinc Sulphate(Mono hydrate/Hepta hydrate)

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